Congratulations on winning these awards it is well deserved. If it were not for Joe’s excellent technical sales prowess, convincing the most discerning team of Engineers at Amgraph we would be suffering under the disappointing performance of our old system. Amgraph finalized the installation of the Enulec Electro Static Assist system in 2012 after researching best of kind in the industry since 2009. There are many options however the Enulec system
is not only technically superior the system is low maintenance and requires minimal support compared to previous systems. Benefits include reduced down time allowing more press availability to our customers as well as Enulec’s ESA has resulted in superior print reproduction. We are able to hold a 1% dot, 250 linescreen over white ink on film using waterbase gravure inks. This gives us a leading edge over the competition.

Michelle Fontaine-Calkins
CSIE Manager/SQF Practitioner/Partner
Amgraph Packaging, Inc