New ESA Roto Film PRO

NEW ESA ROTO Film-PRO the latest in new developments from ENULEC® enables gravure printers to safely print onto film with an exclusive capacitance free technology that effectively penetrates ESA through all types of film substrates with a dynamically balanced charge program designed to counteract the double layer charge that can exist in films throughout the
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ENULEC Electrostatics global leader

ENULEC Electrostatics global leader in ESA for the Rotogravure industry is currently expanding addition to their manufacturing facility near Hamburg. This year greater than 700 ESA were booked into production leading into 4th quarter and the company continues to grow sales by 20% annually. The increased manufacture space will further support growth projected for years
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ENULEC® ESA for Film

ESA for film is a popular solution for optimized gravure cell evacuation and improved print quality. Growth of ENULEC installations onto existing rotogravure lines specifically for printing film substrates accounts for approximately 80% of systems delivered while 20% are derived from the requirements of the rotogravure paper sector. For all types of film the benefits
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ENULEC® – High Performance Discharge System

As a provider of electrostatic charge and discharge systems, Enulec offers superior solutions for gravure and flexo printing presses, laminators, slitter rewinders and blown film machines. These are all concentrated exclusively on the two segments which includes flexible packaging and folding boxes. The company has made a name for itself as a specialist for discharge
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ENULEC® In-Line Static Measurement

In-Line Static Measurement working together with ENULEC® active antistatic bars are a serious solution for the entire converting process from the manufacturing of the Film through Printing and Coverting.  The high voltage corona process often used on film production lines effectively changes the surface dyne level while leaving behind charge deposits that impede and trap
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The Enulec ESA system works with minimum operator intervention. Other ESA systems we’ve had in the past required at least weekly cleaning or they wouldn’t work at all. The Enulec is basically a self-cleaning system that allows our operators and helpers to focus on other tasks. Joe Steingraeber, Enulec’s Product Specialist, assisted us through installation
Your product has proven invaluable to our successful gravure production but more important has been your personal commitment to making sure the product performed as advertised. Steingraeber together with Enulec Americas has always been there for us 24/7 when we had questions or concerns, no matter what continent you were on or how many time