Who we are

Our company is a leading supplier of industrial grade
electrostatic charging/discharging systems.

My name ist Joseph K. Steingraeber.
I´m Vice President Global Markets for the ENULEC® AMERICAS Support Center

We are a full service organization providing factory certified engineers to install and support our ENULEC Electrostatic  Controls.  We have 24 years experience overcoming the challenges of  electrostatics in industrial applications.  Our team is available for you, we offer answers, help and support worldwide in cooperation with our global assistance network.

Enulec offers custom designed solutions to electrostatic related problems.  The product range includes highly effective and innovative ESA systems (standard top loading, maintenance free top loading, core charging and side loading systems) which have helped customers in the gravure printing industry to achieve high quality print standards along with high productivity and maximum standards of safety.  In addition to this, EST electrostatic discharging systems assist customers in the printing and plastics processing industries to successfully eliminate static charges in machines such as winders, slitters and laminating machines, so ensuring smooth and safe production processes.

In addition to their headquarters in Trittau near Hamburg/Germany, the company operates through a number of subsidiaries.  Enulec Electrostatic Sagl in Lugano/CH serves to maintain close collaboration with leading Italian manufacturers of gravure presses, while Enulec America Sales and Service Center looks after customers in the Americas.
Beyond this, a worldwide sales and service network consolidates the company’s market position and ensures its closeness to its customers.

our advantages

Innovative Approach

We adapt dynamically to match our customers‘ production machinery, and let our experience and materials competence flow into their production.

High Flexibility
We offer our clients reliability,solidity, competence and bespoke, individual solutions.
Consequent customer focus

The worldwide service department of ENULEC responds quickly to customers´requirements within 24 hours and provides a tailor made solution to each and every customers need.

why Choose Us

5 excellent reasons for ENULEC®.

With us you find in each phase of the conception and project engineering of plants planning professional partners, who compile fast and competently consistent analyses of problems and proposals for solution and convert into the active planning and design.

  • Client-orientated thinking
  • Fast response
  • Customised solutions
  • Partnership based collaboration
  • Innovative technology

We are member of the


Gravure Association of the Americas

Our organization provides a forum for the exchange of specialized information through a network of GAA councils which address unique concerns and encourage the use of gravure. Gravure is an advanced, high-tech printing process operating the fastest and widest printing presses in the world, and was the first printing process to employ a totally digital environment. GAA promotes the gravure printing process for publication printing, package printing and product printing.