Powerwise Pumps

We provide complete Tank, Pump and Mixer combinations to best meet your ink management requirements. For presses new and old Steingraeber can configure a single station or your entire press.
Explain your objectives and we will provide the solution. Our experts are here to help you.

Powerwise In-Line Filter

Powerwise Pumps

0018-FILTER 1099 with 1027 return line strainer

Our ink and coating Filters are designed to remove dirt, dried ink particles, paper pulp, metal fragments and other such particles to prevent Anilox roll damage and improve print quality. The filter body is NYLON Coated for easy cleaning and is complete with a re-cleanable stainless steel basket, a rare earth magnet (80 lb pull strength) and cleaning sleeve as standard.

Seven basket sizes are available: 14, 30, 60, 100, 120, 150, and 200

We can also provide a full line of precision molded Polypropylene Y strainers from 1/2" inlet (12.7 mm) up to 1 1/4" (32mm) each sold with 20, 40 or 80 mesh stainless steel baskets and an optional rare earth magnet. They can be fitted in-line and are ideal for diaphragm or peristaltic pump users.

0038-Powerstaltic 9079NG  Air model

0038-Powerstaltic 9079NG Air model


Drum mixers & pumps

0092-55 gallon drum mixer

0092-55 Gallon Drum Mixer

Drum Pump

Drum Pump

Drum mixers for the ink room or press side mixing. A folding propeller fits through the standard 2" (50 mm) bung hole. The mixer is fitted with an adjustable clamp for open drum or closed drum mounting. Static propellers if required.


Stainless Steel Ink Tanks and Lids

Powerwise Pumps

083-2086 Electric 2086 10 gallon stainless steel container

Quality stainless steel containers that are fabricated to the highest standards with a mirror finish; tapered sides for stacking, castors and handles with the Powerwise interchangeable lid system. (The standard 12" (304 mm) lid used on all five gallon ink kit pumps fits into the larger lid allowing the flexibility of removing the pump easily and using a different sized container.

10 gallon (40 liters) and 20 gallon (80 liters) are available for immediate delivery.

Have a special design in mind? We can provide special tanks or lids engineered to meet your individual needs.


Stainless Steel Hinged Lids & Mixers

0066-7003 air driven mixer

0066-7003 Air Driven Mixer

0023-Lo-Fugal Air pump for Narrow web printers 1178

0023-Lo-Fugal Air pump for Narrow web printers 1178

0064- 2086 with FILTER 1099 attached with quick disconnect fittings

0064- 2086 with FILTER 1099 attached with quick disconnect fittings

Allow the pumps to sit in any standard 5 gallon ink kit. Customized lids to meet your requirements of viscosity controls sensors or left/right side draw/return lines are available.

0047-air driven centrifugal pumps 2079 and 6079

0047-Air driven centrifugal pumps 2079 and 6079